Centro de Neurociencias Clínica y Experimental. Epilepsia, Cognición, Conducta

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Laboratory Head
Centro de Epilepsia
Silvia Kochen, MD, PhD Principal Researcher CONICET.
Associate Professor of Neurology


The Center for Clinical and Experimental Neurosciences depends on the Institute of Cell Biology and Neurosciences "Prof. E. de Robertis "(IBCN) - Faculty of Medicine, University of Buenos Aires (UBA) - National Research Council (CONICET) and the "Ramos Mejia" Hopital in Buenos Aires. city.

Since its establishment, in 1984, this dual membership allow the Center to perform clinical practice, teaching and research simultaneously. It specialized in the population of patients with drug-resistant epilepsy. The Center is a leader in the training of highly qualified human resources in the area of clinical neurosciences, directly related to human health in clinical assistance and research. In the Center students from the Faculties of Medicine, Natural Sciences and Engineering have done their graduate and undergraduate theses.

Neuroscience has been nurtured since its beginnings from the diagnostic and therapeutic studies in patients with epilepsy.
The Center's objectives are aligned with some of the big challenges in understanding the mechanisms and treatment of epilepsy, the most common pathology among neurological diseases. Research in the diagnosis of epilepsy provides privileged conditions that are a valuable resource to address some of the questions which arise when investigating the neural basis of cognitive functions and human behavior.

Taller Bancaud 2011. Visita del Dr. Patrick Chauvell
Bancaud 2011 Workshop. Visit of Dr Patrick Chauvel

Si desea obtener información para pacientes o familiares de pacientes con epilepsia, visitar la página web Fundepi o la página del Hospital Ramos Mejía.


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